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    by Published on 05-26-2015 12:30 PM

    Crystal Coast Brew Off

    1st place Imperial Stout - Allen Smith

    1st place Berliner Weisse - Greg Ellis
    2nd place Begian Pale Ale - Greg Ellis

    1st place Int Pale Lager - Ed Christian
    1st place German Pils - Ed Christian
    1st place Irish Red Ale - Ed Christian
    1st place Oatmeal Stout - Ed Christian
    1st place Belgian Dubbel - Ed Christian
    1st place Autumn Seasonal - Ed Christian
    2nd place American Lager - Ed Christian
    2nd place American Pale Ale - Ed Christian
    2nd place American IPA - Ed Christian

    ​Congrats to all the winners up next is Asheville. HOPS scored 32 points towards the club of the year standings great job!

    July 11th meeting notes.

    1. Next competition 09/24 Asheville.
    2. Open Brew schedule Jake Teeter is doing July and Greg Ellis is doing August.
    3. Derrick Shuler invited us to Octoberfest with the BBG at their HOP farm.
    4. Septembers Iron Brewer is anything German.

    Iron Brewer results!

    1st place Ed Christian
    2nd place Tommy Lamonte
    3rd place Derrick Shuler

    Great job HOPS we recaptured second place for the 2016 Home Brew Club of the year!!


    DEA's Summer Sizzler results are posted to the SHA site. Congrats to HOPS for a big move into 2nd place for club of the year. Good luck to all ATF's Crystal Coast Brew Off next week.

    Summer Sizzler Results

    Congrats to all the winners!!! Our club made a huge statement in the "Club of the Year" category with an outstanding showing scoring 20 points and regaining second place moving back ahead of PSB!


    Allen Smith American IPA 3rd place.

    Ryan Jackle Brett Beer 1st place
    Best of Show
    Ryan Jackle Brett Beer 1st place
    Ryan Jackle Wild Specialty 3rd place

    Greg Ellis Kolsch 1st place
    Greg Ellis American Pale Ale 1st place
    Greg Ellis Belgian Dubbel 2nd place
    Greg Ellis Weissbier 3rd place

    Ed Christian Belgian Dubbel 3rd place
    Best of Show
    Ed Christian Belgian Dubbel 1st place
    Ed Christian Autumn Seasonal 2nd place
    Ed Christian Czech Amber Lager 3rd place
    Ed Christian Oatmeal Stout Honorable Mention


    Triad Craft Beer Week was founded with the intention of highlighting and sharing the Triadís craft beer movement and culminating with the biggest beer festival in the Triad, the Summertime Brews Festival. TCBW also aims to educate new and seasoned participants on the craft beer scene so there will be plenty of opportunities to sharpen and expand your beer knowledge. Each event is selected and crafted purposefully to incorporate the many facets of craft beer culture.


    Tuesday June 14th

    Great meeting a lot of good beer's and a good crowd! The following items were discussed.

    The next competition is the Crystal Coast Brew Off deadline is 07/09.

    June open brew is at Ed Christian's house on 06/25.

    Rotation of meeting nights continues through August then we need to decide on a night.

    Summer Times Brews Festival is 06/25

    Crystal Coast Brew Off!

    The cap on this one is 150 so get in while you can!

    Registration opens 06/06/2016 closes 07/09/2016

    Here is the link to register your beers



    2016 U S Open results

    Congratulations to the

    following HOPS members on winning a ribbon in the 2016 U S Open in Charlotte, NC a big thanks to all who entered beers on behalf of our club!!!

    Greg Ellis 1st Place 26B Belgian Dubbel

    Allem Smith 3rd Place 11C Strong Bitter

    Ed Christian 1st Place 15A Irish Red Ale
    Ed Christian 3rd Place 19B California Common

    Click here for full results.http://usopen.carolinabrewmasters.com

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